Deliver Projects Faster With These 15 Awesome Tools and Resources

You need to create an online presence for your business or agency, improve on an existing one, or improve on or automate a business process. Your best chance for success is to have the best tool to handle the task at hand.

“Best” in this case includes ease of use. A tool that is difficult to use or learn to use can sometimes cause as many problems as it is designed to correct. That includes software tools and applications.

The 15 design tools and services we have listed in this article are tops in their respective categories. Nevertheless, it’s important that you the prospective user, have a good understanding of the features a given tool or service provides. We’ve outlined those as well.

When you come across a tool or service you believe will be of value to you, take a closer look to make sure your choice will be the right one.

1. BeTheme | Limitless Website Builder for WordPress

Bigger may not always mean better, but in BeTheme’s case it does, and even bigger means even better.

Three BeTheme key features, the Muffin Builder, the Admin Panel, and the 600+ customizable Pre-built Websites together with this theme’s other core features, have long provided Be’s users with unbounded design opportunities.

· The Pre-built Websites give designers a jump start on their projects.

· The Admin Panel eliminates the need for coding.

· The popular Muffin Builder has been replaced by Muffin Builder 3.

Muffin Builder 3’s powerful page-building features include an intuitive and versatile UI and other capabilities that allow you to:

· Create limitless layout possibilities using sections, wraps, shortcodes, and styling options

· Import, export, save, and retrieve page sections, blocks of content, and design revisions

· Highlight code and manage shortcodes while editing text

Theme Options 3 is another new feature. It augments the Admin Panel somewhat in that it allows users to set portfolio, shop, and blog page styles and modify design elements and their layouts.

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2. Total WordPress Theme

Total has everything you need to build any site layout you choose. With its wealth of flexible page-building features and styling options this WordPress theme allows you to do just that without being faced with bothersome limitations.

They include:

· Easy to import pre-built Theme Demos and 100+ Builder Modules you can use to create custom pages

· A Dynamic Template function for generating your own custom post type layouts

· The drag and drop WPBakery page builder and Slider Revolution premium plugins

· Pre-designed Card Styles for displaying post entries

· An API for creating your own card styles

· A WPBakery add-on to manage your page layouts

This developer friendly theme can claim a 47,000+ customer base. Click on the banner to find out more.

3. Mobirise Website Builder

What sets Mobirise apart? More than a few things. There’s its Google- and mobile-friendly minimalistic design, its “out-of-the-box” website blocks, and its cool intuitive interface. This website builder is also offline, and it is free for you to use for both commercial and personal use.

· Since Mobirise is offline, you are not tied to a specific platform, and you can host websites wherever you want

· HTML themes, home page templates, and website blocks are included to help you build engaging high-performance websites

· Mobirise’s Google AMP/Bootstrap4 frameworks ensure any website you create will be crazy-fast and 100% mobile friendly.

· You’ll also find plenty of page-building features ranging from images and videos to sliders and Google maps.

Mobirise has been used to create more than 1.5 million websites to date. Click on the banner to learn more.

4. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is by far the most powerful WordPress table and chart-building plugin on the market. This premium plugin enables its users to create responsive, interactive, and easily editable tables and charts from huge amounts of complex data.

· wpDataTables efficiently processes data from various sources, including real-time MySQL data, as well as in various formats

· With wpDataTables, you can produce highly informative tables and charts by highlighting key information.

5. Trafft

Trafft is a new booking software application that accepts and manages appointments. It has not completed the final stages of its development as several features have yet to be implemented.


· Sends email and SMS appointment status notifications to clients

· Manages employee’s task assignment schedules

· Can visually communicate with clients via Zoom integration

Early adopters can provide feedback to help shape this application’s ultimate features and capabilities — don’t miss a chance.

6. Uncode — Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This top selling multipurpose pixel-perfect theme is ideally suited for building creative, agency, small business, blogging and portfolio websites.

· Uncode’s Wireframe plugin and 450+ Wireframes section templates makes creating pages an easy task, while its powerful frontend editor speeds up design workflows

· The new WooCommerce Custom Builder opens up a multitude of online shopping possibilities

· The showcase of user-created websites demonstrates what Uncode can do and why it has logged 85K+ sales to date.

7. Getillustrations — Premium illustrations library

GetIllustrations is an excellent resource for premium illustrations, including vector illustrations.

· The illustrations library is updated regularly

· All the popular illustration formats are well represented, and the illustration styles range from Hand Drawn and Flat to Isometric, Color, and 3D.

· A commercial license comes with each purchased illustration and the illustration is yours to use as you wish.

8. Rey theme for WooCommerce

Rey, the best WooCommerce theme in 2020 according to its users, is typified by a classy, modular, and lightweight design.

· Rey provides its users with a complete WooCommerce-oriented package of features and design items

· Rey also integrates smoothly with Elementor and the WordPress engine, it is SEO friendly, and is noted for its excellent performance.

9. Goodiewebsite

Goodie is a software platform that connects web designers, startups, businesses, and agencies with web developers.

· Goodie developers present their clients with the clean, reliable code they need to get their websites up and running

· Goodie specializes in custom website design and development and small to medium website and eCommerce website development.

· Goodie also specializes in responsive email template development.

10. Amelia Booking Plugin

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that accepts and manages appointment and event bookings with clients and customers 24/7.

· Amelia is a nice fit for beauty parlors and spas, fitness centers, and other businesses that provide services to large clienteles

· Clients can make, change, or cancel appointments online

· Amelia can track and manage employee appointment schedules at multiple locations

Amelia is a time and money saver for businesses and their clients alike.

11. 8b Website Builder

This futuristic, easy to work with website builder is fast, Google friendly, and mobile optimized. Better yet, since 8b is free it is well worth giving it a try.

8b users can:

· Build websites from their desktops, mobile devices, or both

· Choose from website section and template libraries to get projects off to a speedy start

· Host downloaded site copies wherever they want

· Link to their own domains.

12. Siter

Design teams will find much to like about the Siter website builder as it lends itself particularly well to projects where collaboration among team members and stakeholders is critical.

Sliter can boast of several unique features that include:

· Easy custom code insertion (coding is not normally required)

· Embedding YouTube videos into website pages

· A royalty-free photo search

· A free domain: or you can use your own domain.

13. Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox lets you forgo any need to manage your business emails on a 3rd party platform. It performs its duties right inside your business’s WordPress-based website.

· Multiple departmental inboxes are managed from a central location

· Emails can be organized and tagged to support collaborative efforts among departmental staffs

· Inbox Zero status can be reached in no time

· Heroic Inbox also tracks key team performance metrics


This powerful little font identifying gem is widely accepted in the professional design world as the #1 tool for accurately identifying a font from an uploaded image in a matter of seconds.

A $39.99/year subscription to WhatFontIs gives you:

· Access to this service’s database of 700K fonts and font-finding AI algorithms

· Premium support should the AI engine give you an awkward result

Identification of cursive fonts (the letters must be separated).

15. Litho — The Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Litho’s selections of template blocks, home pages, Bootstrap4 features and more give small businesses, agencies, and startups everything they need to work with.

Technical expertise is not required to work with these Litho’s tools and design aids:

· 37+ home page demos and 230+ ready-made templates

· Striking portfolio, blog, shop, and gallery pages styles

· Contact and newsletter subscription forms

· Mailchimp integration

Litho provides its users with detailed documentation and excellent customer support.


You need to create a website or automate a process for your business or agency. If you are afraid you may lack the technical knowledge or experience to take the task on yourself, you needn’t be. The above design tools and services are for the most part straightforward to work with and should serve you well.

Once you get a website up and running you will still have to maintain it and update the contents from time to time. And any automated processes you install might also require periodic updates. When you choose top tools for designers like those described above, maintenance tasks should never be a problem.

Put another way; the risks are low, and the rewards are high.

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