8 Awesome Black Friday 2020 Deals for Designers (up to 94% off!)

It’s Black Friday. It’s the year’s biggest shopping event. Being able to get at a discount something you want or need always leaves you with a good feeling.

You’ll experience an even better feeling when that “something” is a premium product or resource that’s capable of doing a world of good for you and whose performance has been verified by large numbers of people.

You can check out these top-of-the-line 2020 products from the comfort of your home.

Give it a try.

  1. Slider Revolution

The Slider Revolution plugin has gained a highly deserved reputation as a premium product; #1 in its class. 7 million users can attest to that.

What some may not realize is that this plugin is not simply a top-quality WordPress slider. It’s a visual builder and a website builder. It’s users are no longer limited to creating amazing, responsive sliders. Now, they can create anything they can image.

· Start with 200+ one-click installation templates

· Select from an array of carousels, sliders, and other web design elements

· You’ll find hero sections galore from which you can create awesome home or landing pages

· There’s a nice selection of innovative single-page website layouts

· Enjoy working with modules? There are plenty you can mix, match, rearrange, or reuse.

· Work with Slider Revolution’s addons to expand your design possibilities to new limits

Celebrate Black Friday or Cyber Monday today by purchasing a Slider Revolution plan at a 33% savings. Click on the banner and use the BLACKFRIDAY code at checkout and this amazing visual builder will be yours.

2. Amelia

When your business’s clientele becomes so large that booking and managing appointments manually becomes overly time consuming, unwieldy, and error prone it’s time to consider automating the process.

Amelia is designed to help you do just that.

· With Amelia running the appointment and events management processes, you have extra time to spend on key tasks.

· Your employees and customers will appreciate how convenient this fast, efficient, and error free application is to work with.

· Customers and employees can manage appointments and events from the front-end panel, while admin can add, edit, and reschedule appointments from the back end.

· Customers can schedule recurring appointments in a single booking session and can receive reminders and other notifications via Email.

Amelia has something for everyone. Check it out and take advantage of the Black Friday 30% discount.

3. wpDataTables

Do you have the need to create a table that’s linked to an existing data source, create one by importing data from a source, create one manually, or generate a query to a MySQL database? wpDataTables 3.0 can do all of these quickly and reliably.

A few examples:

· Tables (and charts) can be created from virtually any data source, MySQL query, Google spreadsheet, and Excel and CVS files to name but a few

· Tables and charts can be created from the WordPress back-end.

· wpDataTables 3.0 can process huge amounts of data quickly (in minutes if not seconds)

· Tables and charts are attractive (key data can be highlighted in color), responsive, and editable.

· Addons for Gravity and Formidable Forms, and for report building and filtering give users a wealth of options

Click the banner, check out the features, and take advantage of the 30% Black Friday discount.

4. TheGem — Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

This, the ultimate multipurpose WordPress toolbox, includes every feature and function you’ll need to create awesome high performance websites.

· 400+ beautiful pre-built websites and templates for any purpose and niche

· For Elementor and WPBakery — industry leading frontend page builders for easy editing & customizing

· With rich collection of WooCommerce templates & features for better online shops

· Unique tool TheGem Blocks with 300+ premium pre-designed section templates to speed up your workflow

Click on the banner and TheGem can be yours at a 50% Black Friday discount.

5. Mobirise Website Builder

Offline website builders give designers greater control over their website building activities. Mobirise, noted for helping users to quickly build high-performance websites, has been rated the top offline builder in 2010.

Features include:

· Sliders, galleries, popups, and a great selection of eCommerce tools

· Website building is by drag and drop; no coding is necessary

· Over 3,600 website templates, Bootstrap 4, and Google AMP

No need to look for a Black Friday discount. Mobirise is free to download on your PC or Mac.

6. Get Illustrations

Click on the banner, enter the BLACKDEAL code at checkout, and you’re ready to download Get Illustrations’ huge library of illustrations for the web or for your presentations.

· The 4,000+ illustrations are available in SVG, Sketch, PNG, and other formats

· They are royalty free and a license for their commercial use is included

· Additions and updates are free for a year from purchase

Take advantage of Black Friday’s 30% discount.

7. Kalium — Creative theme for multiple uses

Kalium, a favorite of experienced and professional designers and design teams is easy for beginners to work with as well.

Kalium is perfect for your Portfolio, Agency, Photography, Travel Agency, Corporate, Business, Fitness, Restaurant, Hotel, Medical, Construction, Wedding, Bookstore, Lawyer, Product Landing, Education, eCommerce, Automotive (car dealer) site, just everything is possible to design with Kalium.

Features include:

· An excellent selection of professionally-crafted pre-built demos

· A selection of popular WordPress plugins

· Compatibility with most WordPress plugins

· Special tools and design elements for eCommerce and portfolio sites

Click on the banner to find out about their Black Friday deal.

8. XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

It seems a little strange that any web designer would choose anything other than XStore to build an eCommerce site, when they have access to:

· 95+ good-to-go customizable shops

· 300+ pre-defined page sections

· Elementor and WPBakery page builders and more than $510 worth of WordPress plugins

· A single product page builder plus a full AJAX shop

All the above for the Black Friday price of $39.


This is an excellent opportunity to select among 8 best-in-their-class website building tools and resources.

Happy shopping!




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Web Design Articles

We share useful sponsored posts with beginner web designers and web developers. (https://baw.agency/)

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